The Regional Steering Committee (RSC) provides overall guidance and oversight for the project. The RSC is the decision making body of the project and has been involved in ACE II from the preparation stage. It comprises of representatives from participating countries, academics and representatives from regional bodies and the private sector. The RSC discussed and approved the five priority cluster areas for ACE II to address regional development challenges. It also selected the IUCEA as the RFU for ACE II. The RSC approved the Call for Proposals and made the conditional selection of the 24 Centers of Excellence (ACEs) based on the recommendations of the technical evaluation conducted by the Independent Evaluation Committee (IEC). During the implementation phase, the main task of the RSC will be to provide oversight and guidance to the project, to ensure that the ACEs are working towards achieving the Project Development Objective, and to help unblock any obstacles in implementation.  


RSC Members:

Meet The Team

Dr. Zerihun Kebede

Director General, Higher Education Research and Academic Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ethiopia

Prof. David K. Some

CEO for University Education, Ministry of Education, Kenya.

Dr. Samson MacJessie-Mbewe

Director of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Malawi

Dr. Manuel Bazo

Deputy Director for Coordination of Higher Education, MoSTESTP, Mozambique

Eng. Mike Hughes,

Advisor of Science, Technology and Innovation, Government of Rwanda

Prof. Sylvia Temu,

Director of Higher Education and Vocational Training, Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Tanzania

Mr. Robert Odok Oceng,

Commissioner for Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Uganda.


Director, Science and Technology, Ministry of Higher Education, Zambia.

Prof. Charles Chiedza Maponga,

Technical Director for National Nanotechnology Programme, Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Zimbabwe.

Mr. Aloysius Chebet,

Principle Education Officer, East Africa Community.

Prof. Wole Soboyejo,

President and Provost, African University of Science and Technology Professor, Princeton University.

Prof. Goolam Hussein Mohamedbhai,

Former Secretary-General, Association of African Universities Honorary President, International Association of Universities Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Mauritius.


Founder, KATA Solar Co-Founder, The African Network, Inc

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