FOR ACE II INSTITUTIONS: How to Meet the Project’s Effectiveness Conditions

The implementation of ACE II is being carried out according to the highest standards of transparency and accountability, uniform for all participating institutions and governments. Once each Center’s government signs an agreement with the World Bank, the Center must meet two Effectiveness Conditions before it can receive funds to implement its proposal. These are:

  1. The signing of a Performance and Funding Agreement (PFA) between the Africa Center of Excellence (ACE) and the government of the country where it is located.
  2. Establishment of a National Steering Committee (NSC).

Out of eight participating countries, six have already signed Financing Agreements with the World Bank: Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda and Tanzania. Uganda and Zambia are the only pending countries for completing the signing. The countries need to meet the above two Effectiveness Conditions within 120 days from the date the legal agreement was signed.

Country Status of Meeting Effectiveness Conditions


Date of Signing

Effectiveness Conditions Need to Be Met by


June 15

October 13, 2016


July 4

November 1, 2016


August 5

December 6, 2016


June 24

October 24, 2016


June 17

October 17, 2016


July 28

October 26, 2016








The next step after signing with the World Bank is for the governments to sign a PFA with the ACEs. The PFA defines the responsibilities of the institution including preparationofanAnnualWorkProgram, monitoring and evaluation, annual reports and engagement with partner institutions.

The second effectiveness condition is constitution of a National Steering Committee, which should be formed through the ministry responsible for higher education. So far only Kenya and Malawi have constituted the NSC. The NSC is tasked with the semi-annual review of performance, implementation planning and support but with no day to day implementation or approvals. Its composition will be defined by each country, and could include representatives from relevant line ministries, Vice Chancellors from the ACE hosting universities, and the private sector. After forming the committee, an official letter from the ministry should be sent to the World Bank with the names of the nominees.

The longer a country takes to become effective, the less time it would leave for implementation by the project’s closing date of December 2022.

“The success of this project will depend on individual ACE institutions and their governments taking ownership of the project,” said Prof. Alexandre Lyambabaje, Executive Secretary of IUCEA. “The sooner each institution fulfils these two conditions, the sooner they will start implementation. Our interest is to see everyone start implementing their proposal as soon as possible.”

It is also important to note that there will be provision for funding reallocation from low performing ACEs to higher performers within a country during implementation to encourage performance and efficiency. A mid-term review around June 2019 will determine this reallocation. If an ACE is behind in its implementation and less than half of the funding is spent or committed, the grant amount may be reduced by 50 percent of the uncommitted amount that is above half of the grant, unless otherwise agreed due to special circumstances.

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