Africa Center of Excellence ACE2


The quality of tertiary education is impeded by poor learning outcomes in primary and secondary education, particularly in mathematics and science. Poor education quality, especially at the primary and secondary levels, is a significant obstacle to higher education access and outcomes. Poor teaching competencies, particularly, in mathematics and science are a barrier to the production of high-quality graduates and faculty in the field. This is despite the fact that there are currently 150 million primary school students and 52 million secondary education students in SSA. There is an inadequate capacity in producing innovative and effective teachers, school leaders, and administrators, with an added challenge of outdated teaching methodology and curricula.

ACEs in this cluster are addressing the issue of Quality of Education – including innovations in STEM teaching/learning/curriculum development, assessment and management tools, e-learning and education tools, and creative design thinking.

The selected ACE in education in Rwanda aims to improve the quality of mathematics and science education through facilitating the delivery of innovative pedagogical approaches, supporting the development and implementation of curriculum reforms, supporting research in mathematics and science education to alleviate learning barriers in these subjects and promote STEM education, and outreach programs targeting all education levels in the region.

Selected ACE in Education

University of Rwanda-College of Education, RwandaACE for Innovative Teaching & Learning Mathematics and Science