Africa Center of Excellence ACE2

Project Beneficiaries

The project beneficiaries are:

(a) Students in participating universities and their partner institutions across Eastern and Southern Africa will benefit from high quality education and training in regional priority areas
(b) Employers in targeted sectors/industries will have greater access to high quality/skilled personnel, results of applied research, and scientific knowledge for productivity improvement; as well as knowledge partners (including companies, governmental or non-governmental organizations) will use research produced by the ACEs;
(c) Communities in which the ACEs reside will benefit from improved educational and research outreach of the ACEs, particularly primary and secondary schools and students;
(d) Faculty and staff in the ACEs will benefit from improved teaching and research conditions and professional development opportunities;
(e) Regional institutions such as EAC and SADC will benefit from improved capacity of the ACEs;
(f) Faculty and students in STEM and other priority-sector disciplinary areas will benefit from exchange visits, collaborative teaching and research, and other knowledge sharing activities across the ACEs organized by the ACE II Regional Facilitation Unit; and
(g) ACE hosting universities will benefit from the strengthened capacity of their ACEs, and quality improvement measures including benchmarking with other institutions initiated under the project.